Status, poems, captions, quotes and rhymes about Messi

Messi is one of the greatest footballers of all time, who was born in Argentina and won the World Cup for the Argentina Football XI. Just as Maradona of the Argentine team has long held a place in the hearts of Argentine supporters, the current Messi has a place in their hearts just as much or even more.Footballers like Messi come once in a few centuries. Today, Argentina football team is going to face Croatia in the first semi-final of Qatar World Cup at 1 pm Bangladesh time.

Everyone wants Messi to win today and qualify for the final game. Bangladesh has a large number of Messi fans who write various articles about Messi. If you are also looking for Messi status, then today’s post is very important for you. Because here I will now share with you Status, Poems, Captions, Quotes and Rhymes about Messi collected from various media.

Status about Messi

Messi continues to perform well in the current World Cup in Qatar. Meanwhile, Messi has four goals and two assists. Many Messi fans in Bangladesh want to give status about Messi. That’s why many people look for beautiful status on the internet.So now I am going to share with you some beautiful Messi status selected from different media. If you want, you can copy all the statuses completely free and send them to your Facebook timeline or via message.

I am a big fan of Maradona. But I have never seen anyone like Messi – Roy Kane.

They once told me they needed a gun to stop me. But today I say, machine guns are needed to stop Messi – Hirsto Stoichkov.

I have never seen anyone like Messi. He is the miraculous power of God. I love when he does his work on the field. It is not jealousy. Then I rejoiced – Adra Turan

Who is the best? Messi or Ronaldo? Ronaldo is good but Messi is ten times better – Class Jan-Huntelaar.

Messi is clearly the best player in history – John Terry

Barca will not find anyone like Messi – Sandro Rosell.

This Barca will remember Messi as Messi’s Barca. He did everything with such ease that I had never seen before. He is alien- Puyol

Caption about Messi

Are you willing to caption Messi, the world’s best footballer? If so then you are in the right place. Because here I have collected several captions for you. Hope you will like these captions and you can use them completely free if you want.

Newton and Einstein had a certain degree of autism – I hope that, like them, Messi continues to surpass himself every day and give us his beautiful brand of football – Romario

Without a doubt Messi is the best in the world and for me he is the best in history – Enrique.

Messi is god. As a person and as a player. I have known him since he was a child and I have seen him grow up – Samuel Ato.

Although he may not be human, it’s good that Messi still thinks he is – Mascherano

Messi is better than Maradona – Tosto

It’s clear that Messi is on another level above everyone else. He who does not see it is blind

They say that all men are equal in the eyes of God. This player will make you think of the words – Roy Hodgson

For me watching Messi play is a pleasure. It is an incredible pleasure like having an orgasm – Luis Figo

Quotes about Messi

According to many of the world’s greatest football legends, there is no other footballer like Messi. According to them, footballers like Messi are born once every century. Therefore, different thinkers of the world have different sayings about Messi. If you are interested in getting Messi quotes then you can collect them from below.

Three-four important things are needed in life. Books, Friends, Women and Messi – Antonio Lubu Antonis

Watching Messi play is a lot like a video game. What Messi does on the football field is unimaginable. She hustles around and creates magic whenever she gets a chance – Victoria Azarenka.

He is the best in the world. It seems so easy when he plays football – Bakre Sagna.

The only bad thing in Ronaldo’s life is Messi. If it wasn’t for Messi, Ronaldo would be the best in the world – Scolari.

Life with Leo is a different color, beautiful – Bartameu.

There is no doubt that she is from another planet – Maxi Rodriguez.

Facebook status about Messi

If you are an Argentina fan and love the country, then surely you have already given a Facebook status about Messi. After winning every game, many people post about Messi on Facebook. So here I have collected some facebook status samples for you.

He always moves forward. He does not pass the ball to the back or to the side. His only thought is to go forward and score goals. So enjoy his show as a football fan – Zidane

He is an anomaly. The rest will have to wait until he falls down a bit – Eder Davies

I don’t believe anyone else can play football like Messer – Michael Wayne.

Messi is a genius. He is everything. When I see him I think of Maradona – Franz Beckenbauer.

I played against Maldini, Maradona, Cruyff. I played with George Best. I have played against many big stars. But none of them could do as much as Messi did. Two years ago I said I played against Maradona who was the best. But now I say, I have never seen such a good player like Messi – Gary Armstrong.

Who is the best player in the world? Leo Messi Who is the best player in history? Leo Messi – Arsene Wenger.

I saw the player who took my place in Argentina. He is Messi and he is the best – Maradona.

Poetry about Messi

We have many Messi fans in Bangladesh who write poetry about Messi. Also we have collected a very sweet poem about Messi for you. The poem is collected from the internet, due to which I cannot share the name of the poet. I am sincerely sorry for that.

Messi means Argentina
Messi means victory
Messi means confidence
no fear

It came close in 2014
The taste of that trophy is incomplete
Will take in Russia!

World Cup after 86
Didn’t see eye to eye
In search of the unseen trophy
Desperate Messira.

Leading Argentina
will win the title
The country will cry
Fans hope.

Something about Messi

Messi or Ronaldo who is the best player? Ronaldo is the best in the world. Messi is from another planet – Turan

I like Messi. He is a great player – Pele.

Messi doesn’t need his right foot. He is the best in the world only on his left foot. Just think, if he had used his right foot we would have been in trouble – Ibrahimovic.

Don’t write about him. Don’t try to describe him. Just look – Guardiola.

I like to think that I am of his time. I believe, the best footballer in that history – PK.

I played with Ronaldo, Rivaldo. But the best Messi I have ever seen is Albert Ferrer.

Rhythm about Messi

Satyendranath Dutta is called the wizard of rhythm in Bengali poetry. Just like the world’s best footballer Messi is called the wizard of football. If you’re looking for good beats about Messi, you’ll find a lot of good beats here. We have collected many sweet honey rhymes from online for you.

If football is a beauty,
Messi worships that beauty.
If football is a poem,
Messi is the poet of that poetry.

If football is any politeness,
Messi is the epitome of that gentleness.

If football is magic,
Messi is the magic wand.
If football is a game of records,
Messi holds that record.

If football is a poem,
Messi is the rhythm of that poem.
If football is an art,
Macy’s colored pencils for that art.

last thing

Thank you very much for reading today’s complete post about Messi Status, Poems, Captions, Quotes and Rhymes. Here I have tried to share with you some facts and funny status about Messi. Hope you like all the status, quotes and poems shared here. Today will be the first semi-final match between Messi’s Argentina vs Croatia. will win today’s match and will be nominated to play the final. Good luck to Messi.

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